“Splash-Over of Heaven” in the Midst of Suffering

Yesterday’s pre-surgical procedure was the most painful yet. Hours of piercing pain yet in the midst, the Kind Savior. At one point when the pain was at its worst I heard Him ask me if I would go on a train ride with Him. It happens that one of my favorite memories of a trip Philip and I made to Italy a number of years ago was the train ride from Florence to Venice. Even in my pain-fog, I quickly said “yes” and Jesus and I sat down together, His loving arm around me, and while the pain pushed on, He and I watched out the window of a train moving through a mountainous region with gorgeous scenery and the sweet and soothing rocking motion of the train underneath us. Pretty soon, the pain was no longer the star of the show. Instead, Jesus, His loving arm around my shoulders, my face snuggled against His chest, and our lovely, lovely train ride was center stage. It wasn’t a restful night, but I made it through. A “splash-over of Heaven” in the midst of suffering. God is so crazy good.

Gold in the Road

splash overSuffering is a weird bedfellow.   Having grown up in the family where my mother’s mental illness has been relentless for my entire life and having experienced infertility and the inability to have a child of my own, I’d known what I thought was my share of suffering.  But then at 59 to be diagnosed with advanced invasive breast cancer … well, I entered a new and deeper relationship with suffering.  Double mastectomy, six months of rugged chemo, six weeks of daily radiation and now a painful year of five surgical procedures to reconstruct my chest.  Yes, I’m well acquainted with suffering. 

So as a pastor and a bit of a scholar, I have done with suffering what I have done with many subjects in my life:  I’ve studied it.  And my study has taken me to the Bible, to books, teachings and personal testimonies of those who know suffering. …

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After more than 25 years in parish ministry, Rev. Cathie retired in early 2018 to pursue a quieter life with her husband Philip in the mountains of Central Oregon. Although no longer a leader in congregational life, she continues to follow her calling and passion to minister to those who suffer, especially those with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

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  1. Dear Cathie
    You remain in Lana and my prayers. As much as you fear the upcoming surgery, my mom loved this part–she was so happy about the way she looked–she wanted to show us all!! We are at Gloucester Cathedral at a weeklong choir festival–classic Anglican great music. tomorrow will be broadcast on BBC3–choral evensong–available on internet. your name will be prayed for in the prayers that go world-wide, and my personal prayers are added.

    You are loved by the Lord andmany ofus lessers!

    Ron and Lana Jutzy

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