About Rev. Cathie


The Rev. Cathie P. Young is the associate rector at St. James Anglican Church in Newport Beach, California.

She received her Master’s of Divinity from Fuller Seminary with an emphasis in Pastoral Care in 2007 and was ordained later that year as a Clergywoman in the Anglican Church.  She loves to preach, teach, and share her love for and faith in Jesus Christ.

Rev. Cathie is married to Philip, the love of her life, and is grandmother to five grandchildren and spiritual mother to many children around the world.  In 2012, Rev. Cathie suffered advanced, invasive breast cancer and endured a double mastectomy, six months of rugged chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation.  In 2013, she went through numerous surgical procedures of reconstruction.  During this time of suffering, Rev. Cathie has blogged her journey in the “cancer storm” and has been urged to turn these blog posts into a book entitled, “Gold in the Road.”  The book is in process!  As hard as has been this journey, Rev. Cathie’s and Philip’s joy has remained as they have found the presence of their Kind Savior in a real and astounding way in this most amazing “cancer storm.”  Now, it’s time to share that love, hope and comfort with others.

Rev. Cathie is available to speak to groups about faith, prayer, cancer, and finding Jesus in the midst of great crisis.  You may contact her at cyoung@stjamesnb.org or use this contact form:


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