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After more than 25 years in parish ministry, Rev. Cathie retired in early 2018 to pursue a quieter life with her husband Philip in the mountains of Central Oregon. Although no longer a leader in congregational life, she continues to follow her calling and passion to minister to those who suffer, especially those with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

The Other Side of the Door

Dear Ones, Taylor Swift has a song entitled, “The Other Side of the Door.”  It’s a sweet/sad song about love gone wrong, a fight where the girl said “leave” and now regrets it.  All she wants is for her man to come back and to stand on the “other side of the door” and beg…

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“Orange” in the Road

As you may already know, I’m still home recovering from my first of two breast reconstruction surgeries as a result of last year’s breast cancer and resulting bilateral mastectomy.  On February 6, my incredible plastic surgeon did a latissmus dorsi flap surgery where she transferred muscle, fat and skin from my back under my left…

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