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To Fight or to Surrender?

It’s an individual choice to fight or to surrender.  With cancer, I mean.  No one can make the choice for you.  You must decide for yourself. When cancer came knocking on my door, I wasn’t mad or bitter.  I was confused … shocked … bewildered.  Devastated.  I knew I could die and that there was…

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Three Years

Today, December 8, marks the three-year anniversary of the day Philip and I heard my doctor say, “You have cancer.”  Every cancer sufferer remembers that moment.  For some it is the worst moment in their memory.  I understand that.  For at least the first year of my cancer storm, I would have said the same thing.…

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Facing the Hard Stuff

I had a little surgery last Friday — well, I guess because it lasted over 7 hours it was a little more than “little”, but compared to my previous really big surgeries, it could be considered comparatively little.  It was also the last in my post-cancer surgeries — ooooh, nice word:  “LAST”.  Last — final — end — completion…

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