Cranky or Kind?

I don’t like cranky women.  Yesterday morning at the Orange County airport as Philip and I traveled to Oregon, the TSA officer – a woman – was really cranky as she scolded us for being in the wrong check-in line.  It was 6 am and I hadn’t had enough coffee.  I’d gotten a meager amount of…

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Precipice of Heaven

A precipice is defined as a “very steep rock face or cliff”.  We usually speak of a precipice as a dangerous place to be.  But yesterday I stood on a precipice and it wasn’t dangerous at all.  It was the precipice of heaven. She was an important member of my parish family.  Sweet, warm, tender, hospitable,…


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I Dreamed of Heaven

Last night I dreamed about heaven.  At least I think it was heaven.  Or something like heaven at least.  Dreams are like that, aren’t they?  You think you know what they are about and then you remember another part to the dream and you begin to wonder.  Well, last night’s dream was like that.  Maybe…


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